The Lungs




Inflatable Sculpture
Size: ca. 750 x 400 x 200 cm

Materials: pvc foil, tape, ventilators, car batteries.

Concept: Art√∫r van Balen

Design: Art√∫r van Balen in collaboration with Sarah Drain, Matthies Stetter
Video: HD, 16:9, 1:50 min.
Art Director Art√∫r van Balen

Edit: Jakob Huber

Filmteam: LeftVision and Regenfrei


Since 2009 I have collaborated with various groups and NGOs in campaigns against climate change and environmental problems. As an artist, my currency is creativity. The self-initiated campaign ´Cough4Coal´, sprang out of such a collaboration.


The centrepiece of the campaign is an inflatable lung sculpture that can breathe and travels around the world in a suitcase. The inflatable lungs can be carried in a procession or demonstration. The lungs symbolise our own lungs and the lungs of the planet, making the health impacts of air pollution visible.



First stops of the sculpture have been Warsaw Climate Conference, Strasbourg, Berlin, Zagreb, Skopje, Rome and Jakarta