Compost Sculpture



2011 – 2012

Installation consisting of multiples
Installation size variable.

Size individual fish: 60 x 35 x 20 cm

Material sculpture: Plantic HP1 black; Plantic HP1 gold
(biodegradable plastic based on cornstarch)

Material Installation: aquarium, water, sculpture

Stop Motion Video: HD, 16:9, 0:32 min.

Multiples realised with the kind support of Plantic Factory in Jena, Germany.


The inspiration for the Compost Sculpture is an enlarged version of the “soy-sauce fish” from the company Kikkoman. The 5 cm long container is made out of PE (polyethylen). It is usually served with fast food sushi and is a typical product of our global plastic “trash” culture.

To reflect on the non-degradation process of plastic, I choose the material Plantic HP1, a newly developed biodegradable plastic based on cornstarch. It is used for wrapping dry food and chocolates by supermarkets like Marks & Spencer. Because Plantic HP1´s hydrofillic nature, the material degrades when it comes in contact with water.

For the project I mass produced the sculpture and placed one sculpture into an aquarium. Visitors can see how the material absorbs the water, loss shape and pigment and dissolved in less then 2 hours.